Comprehending Commercial Surrogacy In Maine

Commercial Surrogacy

Commercial Surrogacy Defined

What is commercial surrogacy in Maine? Commercial surrogacy is the method wherein a couple or individual pays another woman to carry and deliver their child. The child is then given to the intended parents after it is delivered, either confidentially or through legal adoption. Couples with fertility issues, same-sex couples, as well as single folks that want to be parents are the types of people who seek surrogate mothers. Celebrities like Robert De Niro, Kelsey Grammer, and Sarah Jessica Parker, have actually used surrogacy as recently as 2009.

There is no doubt that surrogacy has appeared to become the solution for single parents or intended parents who are not able to carry their own child. The term commercial surrogacy has caused quite a stir and has become a subject of political and social discussions.

There are two types of surrogacy- traditional and gestational surrogacy. With traditional surrogacy, the mother is genetically related to the child that she is supporting. Gestational surrogacy, on the other hand, is considered to be the most suitable form of surrogacy because the surrogate mother is absolutely not related to the baby that she is carrying. She just mainly carries and delivers the child to the intended parents.

Changing the Perception of Motherhood

The procedure involved in surrogacy has modified how we see and know what it takes to be a mother. The women who give birth to the children are known as surrogate mothers, in an attempt to distance them from the “actual” or appointing mothers.

These surrogate mothers go through many physical, emotional and even psychological  changes. They understand the need and longing of intended parents to have a child of their own, thus accept to withstand these changes for the sake of someone else. Kindness and selflessness have enabled surrogate mothers to give intended parents the gift of life.

Commercial surrogacy may have gained a negative attention, but nevertheless, many intended parents still look into this procedure for the mere fact that it permits them to have a baby that is genetically connected to them. This desire of intended parents is innate in humans. We exist to care for others, and in return we have surrogate mothers to give to those that are not able to carry their own child.

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